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SMART Roofing, Inc. Project Managers attend Air Vent, Inc. Seminar

January 11, 2013

Project Managers, Mike Strugala, Pete Konopka and Rich Wojcik recently attended Air Vent’s Ask the Expert™ Seminar where they, and other building and roofing professionals, learned more about how to specify and install an effective attic ventilation system. Attic ventilation might seem like a minor consideration, but when properly installed, it can extend the life of your home’s’ attic and roof structure.

In today’s market, homeowners are concerned with having the most energy efficient homes. Insulation and house wrap are the standard for energy savings, but the indoor air quality of a home may suffer, and attic ventilation problems like mold, rot and mildew can occur when your home is too airtight. By installing the proper attic air vent system, warm air can continually move out of the attic, keeping your roof cooler and pulling moisture out of your attic. Please contact Mike, Pete or Rich if you are concerned about your current attic ventilation system:  847.797.0404 or