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SMART Roofing, Inc. announces strategic alliance with Nuheat.

December 11, 2012

SMART Roofing, Inc. has formed a strategic alliance with Nuheat to specify and provide heat cable systems for residential and commercial roofing, guttering, and drainage systems. As all of us know, Chicago winters can wreak havoc on Chicago area residential and commercial roofing systems, especially when heavy snow begins to melt and form ice dams. Ice dams usually occur with a substantial snow fall that has had time to melt slowly (as a result of increased temperatures or poor building insulation). The slowly melting snow reaches an area that does not have enough heat under it to keep the water flowing. As a result, the water refreezes and forms ice dams. The Nuheat heat cable and control system will provide adequate de-icing to create a pathway needed to prevent ice damming. SMART Roofing, along with Nuheat representatives, will evaluate the residential or commercial building and specify a heat cable system that will provide years of trouble free service. The system is perfect for office buildings, manufacturing plants, warehouses, condominium buildings, storage facilities, food processing plants, and a variety of other buildings. With water flowing off of the roof, the life expectancy of the roof can be extended substantially.

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