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Smart Builders – Step #2 – Steps To Building A New Home

August 7, 2015

Copy of Stairway_Arlington Heights Custom HomeIn our continuation of the series of Steps To Building A New Home, this week we’ll discuss Establishing A Budget.

While a budget should be in any goal statement, it’s such a key piece of the project that it’s included here as a separate task. When making your budget, of course you’ll begin with what you can afford, and how the cost of your house fits in with your overall plans for the future. When you’re ready to get down to details, include everything that will go into the project: the cost of the land, permit fees and taxes, design and engineering fees, and construction costs of subcontractors and materials based on the level of finish you desire (not just of the home, but the landscape, plus furniture and decorating). Your builder/general contractor will work with you to establish that portion of your budget.

As with any complex project, things will happen, and the road from point A to point B will have a detour or two, so you’ll want to add a healthy contingency. Make sure that these little side trips won’t send you over the edge!

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…next week #3. Find some land — (or a neglected older house).