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SMART Builders – Chicago Winter Weather Precautions

February 2, 2015

As you know, the combination of record-breaking snow fall and high winds causing significant drifting can lead to significant problems.


1. Any accumulation of snow on accessible roof areas should be removed/scraped off carefully in order to avoid ice damming problems (snow roof rakes are usually available at your local hardware store).

2. Consecutive days of extreme cold can lead to frozen or partially frozen water pipes. If there is an indication that a water pipe is frozen or partially frozen in your home, turn off the water supply immediately (make sure everyone in the household knows where the shut-off valves are located.)

3. Be sure that all outdoor exhaust vent areas (from furnaces, hot water heaters, dryers, etc.) are cleared of accumulated snow.

4. For those of you with standby generators: Keep the area around your standby generator clear of leaves and debris. It is especially important that the air vents on the cabinet are not blocked by leaves or snow. When you clear snow after storm, make sure you also clear a path to the generator and clean the snow away from cabinet. Keep blowing snow from accumulating in drifts against the generator.Generac-HSB-Winter-Snow

Stay warm!