(tes· ti· mo· ni· al) noun:
1. A statement in support of a particular truth, fact, or claim.
2. A written affirmation of another's character or worth; a personal recommendation.


"Throughout my 28 year career as an interior designer I have collaborated with a number of different builders, contractors, architects, and trades. I can comfortably say working with Smart Builders is by far the most positive experience for myself as a designer working with their entire team, along with my experience working with the home owners.

When I am involved on a Smart Builders project, TEAM is the first word that comes to my mind, and how I would describe the overall experience of this journey. Rich and his team are involved in every aspect of this process, reassuring the homeowners and the entire team that this is a group effort, and everyone is in this together. Another important factor for me as a designer why I love working with Smart Builders is Rich does not sway where I can source my selections from. Rich understands that we are building custom homes together and encourages that while we are always conscious of the budget, we have a plethora of options for materials. Rich and his team truly care about this process and their clients experience.

If I were building a new home Smart Builders would be my choice to complete my Dream Home."

Ilene Chase,Ilene Chase Design

"JMB Architects has had the pleasure of working with many builders over the years, but our experience working with Rich and the SMART Builders team has been exceptional. Their attention to detail, quality, and overall professionalism have been over the top. What impresses us the most is their ability to understand and implement the design intent of each project. The craftsmanship they provide always exceeds our expectations when it comes to bringing our plans to life. If you desire to have a team that cares about your project like it is their own, SMART Builders is the team to use."

John Anstadt,JMB Architects LTD., Elmhurst, IL

"As an Architect, working with Smart Builders was a pure joy. They pay attention to details, ask the appropriate questions when necessary, and delivery a first class product. When trying to bring a custom home from idea to reality, so many general contractors lose the vision or lose the quality needed to deliver the finished product that meets with the Architect's expectations - and more importantly – meets the clients wants, needs, and desires. This is not the case with Smart Builders. I would highly recommend them to any of my clients, and I would advise anyone interested in building a high-end, custom home that can be delivered on time and within the construction budget parameters set forth at the project inception, consider Smart Builders for their new home."

David Schulz Architects, Chicago-area Architect of Fine Homes

"Rich and his team were amazing with the idea planning and construction of our dream home! Rich was at every design meeting and offered so many great ideas and recommendations there are too many to list. Rich's depth of knowledge from design ideas to construction are vast, and he helped me immensely during the entire process. He was involved in a daily basis, so I knew the job would be done to the highest of standards.

Rich's concern for detail and organization is truly amazing. His team of tradesman were outstanding, and everyone was a joy to work with. Rich made a possibly stressful process very stress-free by being on top of every stage. Rich and his team are truly amazing to work with and, I could not recommend them more! Our family could not be more thrilled with our new home."

Amy & Eric Dahlberg Glenview, IL

"Building a custom home was completely new to us when we started working with Smart Group. We had an architectural design but didn’t know what it would take financially or from a personal investment of our own time. With each major decision, Rich was personally engaged to suggest proven contractors, give us deadlines for making selections, and provide guidance on the important things to focus on. We appreciated his practical and aesthetic advice on what would work best for our own unique personal situation – a young family with kids and desire to fit our new house into an established neighborhood. That kind of mentoring only comes with years of experience in residential construction and working with homeowners accustomed to high expectations. We greatly appreciate the contributions he made (and continues to make) to our overall success. We are extraordinarily happy in our new home 1+ years after moving in."

Laura & Dave Zimmermann Arlington Heights, IL

"We love our new home and had a wonderful experience due to Rich Bondarowicz and his team of employees, sub-contractors, and trade partners. Rich was extremely organized, dependable, and offered great suggestions during the design and construction process that enhanced the beauty and functionality of our home.

Rich also did a great job of coaching us through each stage of the approval and building process. His expertise and passion for quality and perfection is evident in the workmanship and attention to detail. Our home, as well as the Smart Group, exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend Rich and the Smart Group for building your custom dream home."

Jane Kiefhaber & Shawn Brown Arlington Heights, IL

"Dear Rich,
As we finish 2012 and have now been in our home in Park Ridge for almost two years, we are so thankful for the opportunity we had in building our new home with you! Since initially meeting with you, we have been impressed with your communication and follow-ups. You actively listened to us through the entire process starting with our design ideas and continuing to the present. Our home reflects our vision because you worked creatively and diligently with us until we were satisfied. Many of the unique and “cool” features of our home have your fingerprints all over them and for that we are very thankful.

We were not sure anyone could understand what we wanted in our home, but your understanding, your planning and anticipatory guidance were essential throughout the construction process. Your e-mails and construction timeframe guidelines kept us on target and allowed us to make timely decisions on all the specifications that made our home unique to us. We were impressed too with your organization and enjoyed your attitude and "can do" spirit. We always knew the expected timelines and the financial considerations of our choices, and we found you very fair about the cost of our change orders.

The quality of the craftsmanship continues to impress us especially when looking at other new homes! It was obvious that you had strong relationships with the subcontractors you hired. This is evident throughout the house but especially in the details around the kitchen design, tile work, trim, and window work. We truly feel that our home was custom designed for us; it is our distinctive home!!

We want to thank you again for building our dream home. It was a joy to work with you, and we look forward to spending many happy years in this wonderful place. Best wishes to you as you continue building dream homes for others."

Warmly, Jeff & Mary Hart Park Ridge

"I couldn't imagine a better collection of people to work with than the people associated with SMART Construction Group. From the beginning, our project didn't just belong to us, it belonged to everyone involved. The personal attention and professionalism that was given each and every day made the process of building a new home a very smooth and exciting one. Definitely something that is not said about every builder. If our future should ever include another new building project…Rich and his team would be our choice hands down!"

Kevin & Barb Garvey Park Ridge

"We have wanted to write to you for a long time. We hope that in the past we have expressed our feelings of thanks, pride, and appreciation. If not, please allow us to do so now.

It is amazing how important relationships are. From the first meeting we had with you, we knew you would build our home. There was an instant ‘bond.’ We knew if we were loyal to you, you would reciprocate. You said from the beginning you would make the process fun. Although you built our home during our most difficult year, we thoroughly enjoyed it. We had so many concerns with our daughter, I lost my father unexpectedly, and I had one of my most challenging years in my career. It was quite an emotional and trying year. We felt as if our ‘new home’ meetings gave us a break from the chaos we were dealing with elsewhere. We sincerely don’t know what we would have done if it wasn’t you who built our home. Moreover, the finished product is beyond what we ever envisioned. Our home is absolutely perfect for our family. We love and enjoy it more everyday.

We were fortunate to build a home with you behind the wheel, and we will be ecstatic when we make our final mortgage payment in 100 years. Our son asked us to call the “workers” the other day to raise the basement so he can fit a bouncy house in it. We look forward to maintaining our relationship and we will refer people to you with pride. We thank you again."

John & Andrea Lobacz Mount Prospect

"Dear Rich,
We would like to thank you and everyone at SMART Construction Group for helping us to build a home that exceeded all of our expectations. As you know, when this process began we knew very little about what would be involved. We appreciated your straightforwardness and honesty as you patiently explained everything to us on several occasions. We had spoken with many builders, and we realized quickly that you were different from the others in terms of your professionalism, dedication to quality, and your passion for creating homes that embodied your clients’ dreams. You quickly established a level of trust with us that we had not been able to duplicate with any of your competitors.

During the budget process, we were impressed with your transparency regarding contractor bids and your willingness to work within our budgetary constraints. You did an excellent job of providing us with the information necessary to make important decisions, and you never let us lose sight of the eventual goal. As the construction process began you were very involved and always on-site, monitoring progress and keeping us aware of any potential issues. As challenges arose, you presented us with reasonable alternatives and associated costs and provided us with your recommendations. Most builders would have made these decisions on their own but you valued our input and understood how important it was for us to remain involved in this process.

We commend you on your ability to instill similar values across all of SMART Construction Group. Everyone we encountered from your office was extremely helpful and focused on providing us with the best possible service. Working with you and your team every day over the past year was a pleasure. You may have started out as our builder, but you quickly became our friend.

After spending several months in our home, we are still amazed at how well everything came together. It is difficult to imagine that all of this started with a few sheets of paper outlining the features we wanted in a house, and that you were able to successfully transform those guidelines into the home of our dreams."

Perry & Rubine Giannopoulos Arlington Heights

"SMART Construction Group loves to build homes. The heart of the SMART Construction Group is Richard Bondarowicz.

Rich loves the imagining, planning, structuring, enhancing, and perfecting of each unique project. Every phase is a sharing between the homebuyer and the homebuilder. Rich displays respect and caring for his clients that is mirrored by everyone that works for SMART Construction Group.

After the process is complete, you will find yourself, as we did, in the home of your dreams.

Why would you build with anyone else?"

Paul & Chris PredickMount Prospect